Loans for housewives and without paychecks: how to apply for and obtain them


Even those who do not have a permanent position can apply for a loan with a good chance to see it granted: this is the case for example of housewives who have a part-time job or are unemployed but have a guarantor, like a family member. It is possible to request sums of up to around 3,000 euros, and for lower figures an interesting possibility is offered by the so-called revolving cards.

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How to get a loan without salary


Getting a loan, you know, is not always easy: even if there are different financial institutions and lenders ready to offer money to those who have guarantees – such as real estate and a fixed salary – large parts of the population are effectively excluded from the possibility of apply for funding to meet a large expense.  

Housewives who, for example, do not have a demonstrable income by not receiving any form of salary, encounter many problems in applying for a loan. However, there are loans designed specifically for housewives even without payroll, which have become particularly popular in recent years, due to the economic crisis and the changed social landscape.
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